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StepsConnect in a nutshell

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How can we help you?

Are you looking for candidates between GenZers and Millennials? Do you have new Employer Branding objectives or Do you want to improve KPIs such as the diversity of the Teams? Contact us.

A New Candidate Experience

We provide you with all the assets to hire candidates: AI tools, interactive Avatar and Brand identity for the creation of an outstanding Job Post.
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Interview and Hire

Receive candidates directly on your ATS via API, or you can use the StepsConnect dashboard for the screening process.

We speak the language of the next generation

When you have something of value to offer, it's important that you have the confidence to make yourself understood.
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“The new generations deserve an innovative approach to job searching.”

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Gianpaolo Naef
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Senior Advisor

“The power of generative AI to transform job advertisements into exciting opportunities for young professionals.”

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Fabrizio Gallante
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Company and Ecosystem Builder

“StepsConnect opens doors to the future, connecting emerging talent with innovative companies.”

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Massimo Cioffi
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Member of the BoD and Investor

“StepsConnect: where talent meets opportunity, creating an extraordinary future of work.”

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Alessandra Riva
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CEO and FOUNDER Āvalue

“New generations are redefining the future of work, and StepsConnect is at the forefront of this change.”

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Emiliano Maria Cappucitti
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Developing and inspiring the best and most important Resource: PEOPLE

The Only Recruitment Platform
AI-powered based on Social Networks

Connecting with Next Generation candidates has never been easier and faster:
you will save up to 48 hours of meetings with the Marketing team in 1 year.

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Candidate Experience

StepsConnect is a job search platform created for New Generations, we adapt to the new needs of speed and transparency.

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Recruiting Analytics

Doing Talent Attraction through socials in a few is the fun part. But not only that, the Recruiter is the owner of the data generated by the campaigns and can direct them.

Employer Branding

Make your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) known to the New Generations: those who apply through your Brand Page are candidates who believe in your Brand.


Every month we organize events for HR and for Candidates because we believe that the sharing of know-how is the basis of a positive labor market.

How does Steps work?

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What social networks do we use

We buy advertising space for your job offers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts and Reddit.
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What target do we find

StepcConnect is a platform designed for the next generation of workers. If we want to give it a name: Under35.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

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The sectors where we are strongest are Retail and GDO, Marketing & Sales, Hospitality and STEM. But that doesn't mean we're not open to new challenges.
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We Speak the Language of Gen Z

The StepsConnect User Experience allows you to convert 10x more qualitative candidates.
We Call Them: Supermatch.

We integrate with your ATS

StepsConnect integrates with major candidate tracking systems so you can easily transfer information to HR teams.
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Through the StepsConnect Dashboard, you can complete the candidate screening process, from viewing the CV to assigning a Tag.
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Every month from the platform you can download the Performance Report of the Talent Attraction campaigns carried out in the previous 30 days.
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At your disposal you will have a Customer Success to read the Performance Report together and direct performance to valuable KPIs for you.

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