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Recruiting SaaS

AI Recruiting software that helps you hire faster

Create a scalable hiring process: boost your sourcing, automate your hiring, and evaluate candidates effectively.

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StepsConnect AI recruiting operative page

We support 40+ HR teams

Build Exceptional Candidate Experiences

Build automatically landing pages that candidates will love for both your brand and your job posts.

Create unique brand visual assets through our AI tools, and empower your brand image and reputation, and boost your conversion rate by 27%.

Build a unique flow for managing your applications and screening process through AI and automated interview.

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Automate the candidate experience and the landing page creation with StepsConnect
Diagram of AI-driven candidate shortlisting by StepsConnect

Automated shortlists with AI

We use AI to automate the screening process, analysing candidates to provide qualified shortilists of candidates.

Organize your candidate pools for each job ad. Create qualified talent pools from your talent database, and easily plan your engagement operations to hire faster minimising the effort.

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A better way to engage talents with WhatsApp

Warm up your talent database by using our whatsapp conversational AI to engage candidates, screening CVs, and scheduling interview calls.

Double interactions and the engagement without creating fancy and complex application flows, and enhance the candidate experience.

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StepsConnect integrate its multiposting with top performance platforms

Maximize reach with job ads multiposting

Boost your recruitment efficiency with our multiposting feature.
Post your job listings across multiple platforms simultaneously, ensuring consistent and broad visibility.
Save time, maintain accuracy, and reach top talent faster.

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Discover our modules

Our modular solutions to adapt to your business

Talent acquisition

The best way to find and engage candidates for your job openings.

Talent management

Manage high volumes of applications independently with an AI-enhanced pipeline creation process.


All candidates collected on StepsConnect are seamlessly transferred to your HCM/ATS via API integration.

Whatsapp AI

We revitalize your current candidate database by re-engaging them through email and WhatsApp

AI talent pools

Use the best tool to engage candidates with a 98% message open rate.

Hire better together with US

See what our customers have to say about how StepsConnect has helped them streamline their recruiting efforts

Autoguidovie, success case testimonial

More than 465 applications since January

Autoguidovie with StepsConnect has streamlined recruiting, collecting more than 465 qualified applications in a short time and improving hiring efficiency.

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Mediaset, success case testimonial

Mediaset revolutionizes the talent attraction process

Mediaset empowered its recruiting process with StepsConnect, improving candidate selection through powerful matching algorithms, reducing hiring time and increasing candidate quality.

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Gruppo Cremonini, a success case testimonial

AI Recruiting software for 175 Retails

Roadhouse enhanced its recruiting process with StepsConnect, significantly reducing hiring time and boosting candidate quality by leveraging powerful matching algorithms, resulting in over +1500 qualified applications per month.

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We integrate with all the popular HCMs and ATS
Create a smooth and easy integration with StepsConnect and your HCMs or ATS to lessen your admin workload.


Is StepsConnect an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

StepsConnect is a Recruiting AI suite consisting of several modules. The talent management integrated with AI is one of our the modules of the suite.

Our modular system allows us to integrate into our clients' workflow without forcing them to change their current processes.

Do you apply fees on hiring?

No, we don's apply any commissions on hires. You don’t have to pay us any extra when hiring through us.

Is StepsConnect a Job Board?

No, we are a modular Recruiting AI suite.
We don’t sell impressions, clicks (CPC) or candidates (CPA). We integrate with job boards to promote our clients' job ads.

How StepsConnect can support me if I already have a contract with other job boards?

We integrate our features and services with the most used job boards. You can continue working wih your job boards and use StepsConnect to boost your workflow and enhance your HR team performance.

What does multiposting mean?

Multiposting is a feature that allows you to publish job listings across multiple platforms at once. This means you can post a job on several job boards, company websites, and social media channels simultaneously, saving time and ensuring consistent job descriptions everywhere.

How StepsConnect differ from other ATS?

StepsConnect is a Modular Recruiting AI suite that can be tailored to your needs.

Unlike other candidate management systems, StepsConnect aims to integrate Artificial Intelligence within the entire recruiting funnel, with a focus on leveraging your talent database.

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